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Hans Henrik Petersen, Danish ShipOwners' Association


The human factors are very important, when discussing safety at sea. Often human failures are the direct course to accidents and catastrophes. That is why Danish Ship Owners Association supports SimTrans.

Ship Owners are, of course, very interested in increasing the safety of shipping, and we are working intensely with all safety aspects. Simulation - and especially full-mission simulation is getting more and more important.

Full-mission simulation opens the door to experience and knowledge in a way, which is impossible to achieve by normal on-board duty. That is, the education and training aspect. Simulation also makes it possible to test new concepts, following the technical development in the maritime field.

I am sure, SimTrans will play an important role in increasing safety at sea in the future.


Deputy Director Niels Bagge, Danish Martime Authority

In the future the maritime educations will increasingly use simulation and simulators. That is why, the Danish Maritime Authority has joined SimTrans. We want to monitor the research and development in this particular field.

We are interested in simulators and simulation techniques - as well in the human factors research, carried out amongst others at Risø National Laboratory. In SimTrans both fields are part of the Society. That is why I am sure, that SimTrans will become a leading Society for transport safety in Europe.

Especially full-mission simulation offers exciting possibilities. In the simulator the crew can be trained in crisis handling. I also believe we have a lot to learn from the airline companies. It is important to know how people react in dangerous situations.

Furthermore, I find it very relevant to discuss, where simulators are to be used and where not. Simulator tests will be used for personal screening. This calls for discussion and dialogue on the ethical aspects.


Captain Leif Laugesen, Maersk Air

Maersk Air joined SimTrans, because we are always looking for possibilities to learn more about safety. Simulator education and training are well established in airline companies. But we can always use a new angle on training and experience from other domains. I am sure, discussions with the maritime experts will generate some interesting questions to us.

The important thing about SimTrans is that it brings together different experts for discussion of safety. Every airline company and every ship owner should listen closely to the human factors researchers. That is why SimTrans is attractive to Maersk Air.


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